Installation of industrial coatings

Seamless resin (epoxy, polyurethane and urethane cement) floors are durable, resistant to chemical products and shocks, extremely hygienic, do not cause allergies, coatings are not slippery and can be electrically conductive. These seamless floor coatings are easy to clean, impervious to water or grease, therefore, they are usually chosen by industries, but can be suitable for both public and private home interiors.

One of the key advantages of seamless resin floor technology is its cleanliness and antibacterial environment, which is especially important in large business centres, luxury stores, sports clubs and offices. The coating of these decorative floors can come in a variety of shades.

We have successfully implemented many large-scale cast coating projects in various facilities – Quadrum business centre, AB Vilnius victory plants in Vilnius and Šiauliai, Lithuanian Power Plant Unit 9 in Elektrėnai, Oslo Gardermoen International Airport, Tower Square, Magnus Residence. The total scope of all casting works performed by Omnistata is more than 200 000 square meters.

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Concrete surface preparation

All polymer coatings are installed on a solid, well-equipped high-quality concrete base. Depending on the type of concrete, the surface is treated with special blasting, polishing or milling equipment – this dust-free method is used to prepare an adhesive base for the next stages of the coating installation. A polymer floor system 1-8 mm thick is then applied to a smooth and prepared floor substrate, depending on the type and purpose of the floor. It has a self-levelling feature, creating an ideal smooth and seamless surface.

It is useful to know that before installing the floor coating, the residual moisture content of the concrete base should not exceed 4%. Most often, this rate is achieved after 3-4 weeks when new concrete floors are installed.

Resin floors have both a modern appearance and practicality, as they have no seams or gaps, these floors do not emit dust, dirt, germs, and bacteria do not accumulate on them.

Epoxy floor coatings

Epoxy flooring is some of the most popular polymer coatings. This type of floor is hard and resistant to wear, especially on a smooth and seamless surface.

Because epoxy floors have good waterproofing properties, it is recommended to install them in kitchens, bathrooms or other damp rooms, as well as in facilities that require chemical-resistant floors.

The base of the epoxy floor consists of resin and hardener. Such floors are often cast in food production workshops, medical institutions, operating rooms and other public facilities.

The use of special epoxy materials and their casting technologies may be equipped with an epoxy coating of the antistatic (ESD) type. Such a solution protects various electronic devices even from minimal electrical voltage leakage. This advantage of epoxy flooring is especially important in the electronics industry, where it is necessary to avoid the accumulation of antistatic charge. This type of flooring is most commonly cast in power plants, high-security areas, the printing and the automotive industry.

It is advisable to know that it is important to choose the right colour for your epoxy floor coating to conceal potential wear damage and ensure colour uniformity. For example, newly cast glossy epoxy floors can be coated with a thin layer of durable clear matte varnish that will protect from scratches and other wear marks. No less important is that the epoxy coating can be cleaned with almost all floor cleaning detergents.

Epoxy floor coatings with quartz sand

Epoxy floor coating with quartz sand filler is a sturdy coating capable of withstanding heavy loads and permanent friction for industrial buildings, warehouses, production workshops, schools, large-areas of corridors, garages and other public buildings.

It is advisable to know that the use of quartz sand makes the floor more durable and has excellent anti-slip properties.

This epoxy floor coating consists of a primer and a colourful self-levelling epoxy which is sprinkled with (natural) burnt quartz sand and is covered with a protective varnish.

To provide more decoration appearance to the coatings, coloured quartz sand can be used, which is selected from a wide variety of colour palette.

It is important to mention that despite the rougher surface of the coating, this coating is easy to maintain – no special cleaning equipment or tools are required for cleaning.

Polyurethane floor coatings

Polyurethane flooring is the most elastic and provides the greatest comfort for the feet compared to other floor coatings, which is why we often recommend this type of coating to customers both in public facilities and in offices or homes.

This seamless coating is impact resistant, elastic, waterproof and perfectly covers any cracks in the base. In addition, these coatings have a higher resistance to UV radiation compared to epoxy floors.

Polyurethane floor coatings are characterised by easy maintenance, this day clean for longer and ensure hygiene in rooms subject to extreme cleanliness and hygiene standards, since the polymeric material does not accumulate bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms.

It is important to note that polyurethane floors, due to their attractive appearance, elasticity and excellent sound insulation properties, are some of the most suitable choices for individual projects where it is important to ensure a quieter environment, the ability to concentrate or minimise step noise.

Contact Omnistata experts and consult on which floor coatings would suit you the most.

Parking facility coatings

The durability of parking lots and multi-storey car parks is significantly affected by a well-equipped coating system that must be resistant to cold, heat, mechanical stress, impervious to water, and withstand the physical and chemical effects of the environment.

High-quality waterproof car park (parking) floor systems reduce noise, tire squeaking sounds from moving vehicles, as well as walking or other impact sounds. This coating is most often used in multi-storey and underground parking with medium and high mechanical loads, at airports, supermarkets and sports stadiums.

Depending on your needs, using modern technology and a team of professional staff, we can install a parking coating suitable for use both in a closed parking lot and outdoors. This special polyurethane coating is elastic, seamless, friendly to the environment and human health.

It is useful to know that this coating can be applied on all concrete and asphalt surfaces, it is not slippery, and can also be used to upgrade the surface of worn out concrete.

We invite you to consult Omnistata experts and they will offer the most suitable method of installing the parking floor.

Urethane cement floor coatings

Urethane cement, or polymer concrete flooring, compared to epoxy or polyurethane coatings, is characterised by special resistance to high temperatures, greases, chemicals and petroleum products, and high-pressure cleaning equipment can also be used on it. These coatings are especially popular in the food industry.

It is important to mention that it is partially breathable mortar, very similar in mechanical and thermoplastic properties to concrete. These properties allow to ensure particularly good adhesion of the coating to the concrete base and to reduce the risk of delamination.

The urethane cement coating consists of a water-based polyurethane resin with special cementitious fillers. This coating is also resistant to abrasion and mechanical wear, therefore, it can be used to push trolleys or ride lifts on a regular basis.

These are durable, easy-care and easy-to-clean floor coatings.

Painting with epoxy paint

For those who want to install a garage, boiler room or other household floor inexpensively, we recommend choosing epoxy painting – the fastest and most the cost-effective solution for your floors.

This method of flooring creates a solid, water-resistant and easy-to-care surface. Compared to other cast coatings, the painting system is inexpensive, easy to install, thus, it is popular for utility rooms (garages, warehouses, basements) or public areas (corridors, offices, canteens).

It is important to note that although epoxy painting is inferior to other types of cast coatings in its properties and durability, it is an excellent way of refurbishing the coating for rented premises when it comes to ensuring high hygiene standards without significant investment.

Decorative concrete coatings

Decorative concrete coatings are a new generation of floor and wall coatings designed to create the effect of natural concrete or a surface with a trowel marks and colour unevenness. These seamless floor coverings are resistant to UV radiation, pleasant to the touch, simple to clean and maintain.

It is good to know that these coatings can be installed on all types of surfaces: horizontal, vertical and even ceilings. The installed coating is strong and wear-resistant, suitable for residential and commercial premises.

It is usually recommended to install decorative concrete flooring in places of is intensive pedestrian movement: shops, restaurants, hospital receptions, cafes, hotels, beauty salons, as well as private homes or apartments.


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