Industrial concrete flooring

High-quality concrete floors can withstand extremely high loads, have good performance properties and be long-lasting, which is why they are most valued in industrial buildings: logistics and shopping centres, car parks, ice arenas, warehouses, workshops and other large-area buildings.


Installation of floor screeds

Screed concrete floors are a mobile, fast and cost-effective way of floor installation. Concrete preparation and supply equipment is used for the installation of this type of floor, which helps our customers to save money – concrete mixed on the construction site is cheaper than concrete of the same class produced and delivered at the concrete production unit.


Installation of industrial coatings

Seamless resin (epoxy, polyurethane and urethane cement) floors are durable, resistant to chemical products and shocks, extremely hygienic, do not cause allergies, coatings are not slippery and can be electrically conductive. These seamless floor coatings are easy to clean, impervious to water or grease, therefore, they are usually chosen by industries, but can be suitable for both public and private home interiors.