About Us

UAB Omnistata is a specialised concrete and resin flooring contractor, using modern equipment and the up-to-date industrial floor installation technologies in Lithuania and Scandinavia. We have brought together a team of highly qualified employees, most of whom have been with the company for more than 10 years. All our employees are professionals in their field, listening responsibly to customer expectations and following high service standards. Our mission is to implement the most innovative and sustainable floor installation projects, to ensure the highest quality requirements and be a reliable long-term partner for your business.


Projects implemented in the timely manner


Years of experience


m2 of industrial concrete floors installed


m2 resin floors installed


m2 floor screeds installed


The company has been operating in the field of floor installation since 2003 and has vast and many years of experience – from the preparation of bases and foundations to the installation of the most up-to-date epoxy, polyurethane and cementitious urethane floor systems. During the seventeen years of operation, the company has installed more than 500 thousand square meters of industrial floors, installed 220 thousand square meters of resin coatings and 200 thousand square meters of floor screeds. The company has been ranked among the Strongest in Lithuania for a number of times, obtained a special construction contractor qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, Quadrum Business City, Wave Business Centre and Unipark parking lots near Santara clinics in Vilnius.


Our activities

Omnistata provides all services of concrete flooring and installation of modern floor coatings. The main part of business is the installation of industrial concrete floors, installation of epoxy, polyurethane, urethane mortar floors, decorative cement coatings and concrete floors for a variety of industries.


For those looking for the best price-quality ratio, we are some of the most reliable partners.


Interest in the latest technologies, their implementation and focus on customer needs provides an opportunity to implement advanced, high-quality and long-term projects, the results whereof often exceed the expectations of our customers.

Business philosophy

The quality of the work performed, the professionalism of the team of employees and attention to clients are what Omnistata considers to be its greatest values.


Quality of work – we install concrete floors and polymer floor coatings, using state of the art technologies and applying modern solutions, we are constantly improving, learning and controlling every stage of work.


Professionalism of employees – we have brought together a team of highly qualified specialists, most of whom have been working for the company for more than ten years and are professionals in their field.


Focus on customer needs – we listen responsibly to our customers’ expectations and follow high standards of customer service. Each project we engage in is supervised by experienced specialists and top managers of the company.


We are responsible for the decisions we make and we attempt to satisfy our customers now and in the future. Evidence of Omnistata’s success is certified by top-level experts and seventeen years of quality work, during which the company has concreted and poured almost 1,000,000 square meters of various floors.

Geography of activities

Omnistata currently operates throughout Lithuania and has implemented successful projects in the Scandinavian countries.